Global Citizenship at St Martins School

At St Martins School we believe in preparing and developing our students as individuals who are respectful, understanding and considerate of the people and the world around them.  We believe our students are capable of anything they put their minds to and at St Martins we equip the students with the skills to develop their confidence and responsibility to make a difference not only in the community around them but also globally. We allow the students the freedom to ask questions and use critical thinking skills to encourage their independence and promote confidence.
Our Global Citizenship curriculum enables us to give our students the knowledge and understanding they need to be active citizens in their own community.  The curriculum is designed using the National Curriculum and Oxfam curriculum for Citizenship and encompasses learning the core skills of empathy, self-awareness, communication and cooperation and the ability to manage complexity and uncertainty. 

We link our curriculum to the 17 Global Goals ensuring that current issues are forefront in the teaching of Global Citizenship. This keeps the curriculum relevant for the children and ensures they have an understanding of the changing world around them. In order to ensure a quality curriculum that is up to date, we also work closely with Global Education Derby and the British Council to train and educate staff around the teaching of Global Citizenship and are also involved in linking projects with Schools in other countries.  We have just completed the Leaving No One Behind Project’ with schools in Slovenia and Germany which has created a website to supporting vulnerable and SEND children in becoming global citizens. 
We encourage lessons to be practical and active to allow students to truly feel they are making a difference and we have been involved in projects lately with Global Education Derby (GED) supporting an intergenerational project where school link with local care homes.  We also support the homeless in Derby with a yearly shoebox for the homeless appeal.  

We promote Cultural capital and real life experiences through trips and visits such as visiting sites of interest (Battlefields/Holocaust sites) and encourage visitors into school to enable us to develop skills and promote positive attitudes that empower informed, responsible citizens. We believe in promoting core British Values and encouraging and celebrating the culturally diverse society in which we live. This is supported through classroom teaching, assemblies and whole school curriculum days where students experience different activities through school based around key topics. In March 2023, we are having a Sustainable Shape Day which promotes the learning of all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We encourage our students to have a voice and encourage debate and discussion through active projects that allow our students to make a difference not only in our local communities but nationally and internationally with collaborative projects with our partner schools in India and Tanzania.  The students’ voice is valued not only in lessons but through work with student council and the youth council in Derby.  

We are a Beacon School for Holocaust education and also hold accreditation level of the International Schools award which means we are ambassadors for learning in these areas and support other schools in their work in these areas. St Martins School have held The International Schools award for over 10 years and are in the process of reaccreditation, celebrating our successes with our partner schools in India and Tanzania and supporting our local community.
When we received our current award, Sir Ciarán Devane, CEO of the British Council, said: ‘The school’s fantastic international work has rightfully earned it this prestigious award. The International School Award is a great chance for schools to demonstrate the important work they’re doing to bring the world into their classrooms. Embedding an international dimension in children’s education ensures that they are truly global citizens and helps prepare them for successful lives and careers in an increasingly global economy.’

Our links with 2 partner schools through the British Council Connecting Classrooms project were established in 2012 and remain vibrant and active across the school communities.

Udayachal High School in Mumbai, India – school exchanges, involving staff and students and numerous joint projects are embedded into this partnership. St Martins support the ongoing development for students with SEND at Udayachal, which is a high achieving, large secondary school in the heart of Mumbai. Our collaboration brings the opportunity for our students to learn first hand about life in India, enriching our curriculum offer for all.

Udayachal Exchange Visit 2019

India 2020

We visited our partner school, Udayachal High School in Mumbia, India from January 24th-February 1st. Check out the gallery for some photos and a video of our amazing visit!

Mdaula School in October 2019

Mdaula School in Chalinze, Tanzania – is also underpinned by student and staff exchanges and collaborative projects. Our Horizons 6th Form is the major link with Mdaula and supports the school through joint enterprise projects and learning initiatives.