St Martins is an outstanding school community, based in learning, mutual respect and positive contribution. We actively promote inclusion for all of our children and their families. The partnership between home and school is central to our success and something we work hard to promote.

Our slogan – ‘We Learn, We Respect, We’re Family’ is owned by all members of our community. We uphold the family values of commitment and unconditional positive regard.

Our skills and attitudes . . .

. . . underpin all learning in school.

Our teachers, support staff and professional partners work hard to understand the complexities of our students, and meet their needs in a personalised way, that expects highly of them. We always have an eye on the child’s future and prepare them as fully and as appropriately as we can for this. The mental health and well-being of the children we educate and care for is important to us. This is actively considered as we seek to develop happy, well rounded learners who make a positive contribution.

Sabrina Hobbs