At St Martins we support students, parents and carers with E-Safety. We try to advise how best to protect our selves and others, and how to make the best use of the Web.

Trying following these simple rules on using the Web safely

SAFE Keep your personal information safe
MEET Friends made online are strangers; meeting them can be dangerous
ACCEPTING Accepting files can be dangerous. If unsure, ask an adult!
RELIABLE Not everyone or everything online is reliable or trustworthy
TELL Always tell an adult if something online upsets or worries you

We educate students throughout the year, and parents are offered sessions to support in use outside school.

Supporting young people online

We recommend that these web sites and organisations are looked at for ideas.

If you have any concerns, need advice and or need to report an incident, please contact school, or look at the CEOP website.

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e-Safety tips for Parents

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