Welcome to St Martins School!

At St Martins we passionately believe in the possibility of living in an inclusive society and our motto is 'Shaping Successful Futures'.  We believe that we can be an influence for change and evolution so that one day we can all live in a diverse environment where we enable everyone to continue to learn; where everyone respects and embraces difference; and where everyone has a purpose within the biggest family in the world! 

We value the power of collaboration for inclusion as we persistently seek to maximise opportunities for our wider community of children, young people, and adults to be an integral part of our journey through school and into adulthood.  It is important that we build on fun and engaging experiences that motivates us all to push for more, because that’s what changes mind-sets and removes barriers.

Our students follow our SHAPE curriculum which celebrates attainment, and holistic progress equally.  The 3 pathways meander to differentiate approaches to teaching, learning and pedagogy to meet a diverse range of additional needs, but ultimately aspire to equip and empower everyone to work hard, contribute positively, and develop independence to lead successful lives.

If you want to help shape an inclusive society, we would love to hear from you!

Sabrina Hobbs
Executive Headteacher