At St Martins we use our Safeguarding Curriculum, shown below, to dynamically address safeguarding concerns through the curriculum.  When concerns are identified, teachers may adapt or modify relevant lessons to address specific areas of concern. 

Information gathered is also used to target staff training, and Parent Carer workshops. 

For example, if reports showed that there were concerns with students accessing the internet safely at home, our Safeguarding Team would inform staff of this new trend, and following that, teaching staff would then modify lessons to address E-Safety to educate students on using the internet safely.  Where relevant, training may be delivered to the staff team around E-Safety and the focus of Parent Carer workshops may be adapted to help us inform Parent Carers on how to support their child/young person with navigating the online world.

If you have any questions about our Safeguarding Curriculum, please get in touch with our Designated Safeguarding Lead – Jessica Longhurst.

Please click on the images below to view our Safeguarding Curriculum, alternatively it is available for download.