KS4 is proud to present an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum which consolidates the skills and attitudes developed in KS3 through work related learning, global education and experiences in the local community. Students are encouraged to take on additional leadership and mentoring responsibilities within school to build their confidence and prepare them for the transition to Post-16 education.

Students continue to work on improving their skills in Maths and English. They also focus on their accreditation pathways which are individualised, through our diverse options curriculum, to enable each student to maximise their achievements and qualifications. We hold high aspirations for all of our students here at St Martins and take great pride in celebrating the achievements of all. Students follow a wide range of accreditation pathways appropriate to their personal level of attainment from Personal Progress to GCSE qualifications.

For an overview of the curriculum coverage in KS4, please view the curriculum map:

KS4 Curriculum Map

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St Martins have a wide range of Options for students to study in Years 10 and 11.  Please view the booklet to see what students have the opportunity to study this year:

Feel free to contact Rachel Cooper, Deputy Headteacher and Key Stage 4 Lead, for additional information.