Students begin their personal learning journey at St Martins in a safe and secure environment, with a focus on developing skills, attitudes and knowledge and understanding. Students follow the National Curriculum at a level appropriate to their individual starting points. Students also learn through our innovative SHAPE curriculum which transcends all areas of the school. There is also a focus on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning.

At St Martins we value learning both in and out of the classroom. This ethos is supported by an extensive educational visits, outdoor education and residentials programme to develop confidence and experience alternative learning environments. There is a focus on respect for others and taking personal responsibility for learning, choices and actions.

Key Stage 3 at St Martins is a vibrant, supportive learning environment which enables students to grow in confidence as they become part of the St Martins family.

For an overview of curriculum coverage in all subjects please view the curriculum overviews below.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

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Feel free to contact the Key Stage Leader, Amy Cameron, for additional information.